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Maintenance and repairs

Voltige offers maintenance and repair services right on the spot, in our own, state of the art 360 sq. ft. rigging loft. You can count on our team of professional and very experienced riggers.


  • Equipment Assembly;
  • Reserve repack;
  • Full gear inspection;
  • Minor and major repairs (if necessary, we can ship the gear directly to the manufacturer);
  • Technical advice for new or used gear purchase;
  • Measurements for ordering new harness or jumpsuit;
  • Reline of the main canopy;
  • Container wash;
  • etc.

We have multiple parts already in stock to be able to offer you a better service; otherwise, we take care of the ordering from the manufacturer.

Price list

Services we offer

Complete container assembly (reserve, main, ready to jump) $125.00
Complete harness inspection adn reserve repack
(new Cypres and main closing loops)
Complete inspection of the main canopy $20.00
BOC Replacement $60.00
Main canopy reline $100.00
Break-line replacement on the main canopy $25.00
Main and reserve canopy patches
(without opening the existing stitching)
Replacement of Velcro on risers and toggles $25.00
Pilot-chute kill line replacement $20.00
Harness wash $40.00
Hourly rate for our services $50.00/h

Our riggers

Frederick Masson (Freddo)

  • Senior FAA Rigger
  • Reserve repack and repairs

Richard Ménard

  • Rigger FAA
  • Reserve repack

Richard Gaudet

  • Rigger C CSPA
  • Reserve repack and repairs

Mario Blanchard

  • Rigger A CSPA
  • Reserve repack

Do not forget to read the Advice from Freddo, in relation to your equipment and what you need to know prior to the first jump of the season.

We wish you a good season !

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