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One Cessna Grand Caravan C208

The C208 Grand Caravan is an american aircraft, manufactured by an aviation giant Cessna.

The engine is a turboprop by Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-114A (600CV). The plane can fit up to 15 skydivers, plus the pilots. Moreover, the door size and position make it an ideal plane for skydiving practice. The model was first made in 1982.

Voltige acquired its first Cessna Caravan in 2006 and a second in 2009.



  • Landing area two times bigger than in 2008
  • Folding area for regular (800 square feet)
  • Room for regular jumpers (320 square feet)
  • Bunk-house
  • Three showers
  • Cafeteria
  • voltige_accomodements_dalle
  • Rigging Loft (maintenance and repair)