The present article is divided into two parts: the first addresses regular jumpers  and the second for all visitors and jumpers (tandem and regular) going to the skydiving school Voltige 2001.



  • All of the jumpers must be active members of the CSPA. Voltige follows the CSPA general rules and recommendations at all times.
  • All jumpers with their own equipment who have less than 200 jumps must have a functioning AAD on their equipment.
  • When you use our rental gear, you must follow the following regulations:
    • Minimal opening altitude : 3 500 feet.
    • No agressive turns below 1 500 feet.
    • You must get a gear check on all rental equipment, even if you have a Solo or an A license.
    • You cannot reserve a rig for the day. A parachute can only be reserved for one jump at a time.
    • « Freefly » : Your equipment must be freefly friendly. Consult with a rigger or an instructor for any questions.
    • Visual and audible altimeters : an ID is necessary to reserve. You need to return the equipment after each jump.
    • Jumpsuit : jumpsuit rental is available free of charge. We ask that you return them after each jump.
  • The landing « pattern », determined based on the winds, must be followed. It could be changed during the day, it is therefore your responsibility to confirm the pattern prior to each jump.
  • All landings over the beer line (observers’ area, picnick tables, parking lot, etc) will result in an immediate conversation with an instructor. The beer rules also apply.
  • The jumps can be made only if they have been revealed in advance and paid, unless an agreement with a responsible manifest.
  • All persons on board the aircraft must have a parachute on his back.
  • All jumpers must respect the rules and regulations of the CSPA.
  • All of the visitors must follow the guidelines that apply to visitors and spectators.


Visitors and jumpers (tandem and regular)

  • Landing, loading, packing and training areas are reserved for skydivers only. We ask that you respect the established limits, indicated throughout the site.
  • It is prohibited to circulate on the runway or the taxiway.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside all buildings at Voltige, as well as in proximity to the packing area and when carying gear that belongs to Voltige. We ask that you use ashtrays available at your disposal to put out sigarettes and that you follow the signs set-up set up to that effect.
  • Consumption of alcohol by licensed skydivers are prohibited, we ask you not to bring alcohol on the jump site during hours of operation.
  • Drug consumption is prohibited on site and will result in an immediate expulsion of the offenders without warning.
  • Animals can be present on site, given that they are on a leash at all times.
  • Tent camping is prohibited by the municipality of Notre-Dame de Lourdes. We will be happy to provide you with all necessary information regarding accommodation over the phone.
  • Camp fires can only be set-up in designated areas, established based on the fire risk factor.
  • Once your tandem harness is on, it is prohibited to pull or alter the equipment.