Frequently asked questions

At what altitude will I jump and how long is the freefall?

The altitude depends on the jump you have chosen. The jumps are listed here in order of popularity: for a jump at 13,500 feet (4,200 metres), you will experience a freefall of almost 1 minute, our favourite option at Voltige and in the largest schools in the world.

A jump at 18,000 feet (5,400 metres) will involve a freefall of about 1 minute 20 seconds, a choice often reserved for those with a prior jump.

The jump at 9,000 feet (2,700 metres) has decreased in popularity in the past few years because it does not allow a freefall; the instructor will deploy the parachute a few seconds after exiting the aircraft.

What kind of canopies do you use?

We use rectangular parachutes made by Sigma, which are the most reliable on the market. The performance and manoeuvrability of these parachutes allow for very precise landings.

What will I feel when the parachute opens?

You will definitely realize that something is happening. The canopies used with the tandem system have been specially designed for soft and comfortable landings.

Will I be securely attached?

The passenger is attached to the master instructor via a harness approved for a load of over 5,000 lbs. The passenger’s harness is connected to the instructor’s harness at four locations using specially designed carabiners capable of supporting 2,500 lbs each.

What will I feel during freefall?

The sensation of freefall is much closer to flying than falling. Once the parachute is deployed, everything is calm and peaceful. Your view will not be limited to a small porthole and there will be no engine noise to distract you. You will witness breathtaking views.

Is there an age limit?

You must be at least 14 years of age, however, children 12 years and older may be allowed to jump. An instructor on site will evaluate the child’s level of maturity and physiology. At least one parent must be present on the day of the activity to sign the documents related to the jump. There is no maximum age. We have had the pleasure of welcoming participants over 100 years of age!


What happens if the canopy does not open?

In the event that the main canopy does not open properly, which is highly unlikely, the tandem equipment is equipped with a second canopy that has been packed very carefully and inspected by a specialist. Always keep in mind that your instructor is experienced and has several jumps under their belt. Your instructor has previously faced and reacted to all kinds of situations while jumping solo.