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Eligibility conditions

Maximum weight allowed is 105 kg (230 lbs). If weighing more than 230 lbs, you will be evaluated and an additional $ 20 fee will apply on the jump. Upon registration, you will be systematically weighed with your clothes and shoes.

A “normal” health state is necessary to be able to skydive. Be ensured, you do not need to be an Olympic athlete to jump. If you have a known decease or if you have already had injuries, or if you have doubts about your health or physical condition, it is preferable to consult your physician. In this case, you will need a medical statement, indicating that you do not have any conditions that may prevent you from practicing skydiving.

If you are a minor, one of the two parents has to be present during your jump.

For all reservations, you need to make a deposit of $50 per person in order for the reservation to be valid.