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Free fall school

Gear rental

School Equipment

  • 1 Vector Student with Navigator 280;
  • 3 Vector Student with Navigator 260;
  • 7 Vector Student with Navigator 240;
  • 4 Vector Student with Navigator 220.

All of the rigs are equipped with Cypres 2 or Vigil 2, while all containing the SkyHook RSL system.

Sporting Equipment

  • 3 Vector M-Series with Sabre2 210;
  • 4 Vector M-Series with Sabre2 190;
  • 2 Vector M-Series with Sabre2 170;
  • 1 Mirage G4 with Sabre2 135.

All Vector are adjustable and equipped with the system of SkyHook RSL.

All of the rigs are equipped with Cypres 2.

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