Advanced Training

Class A


The “A” CoP is the first level in the Certificate of Proficiency recognized internationally.

The holder of a Class A Certificate of Proficiency may:

  • Participate in 2 way 1:1 relative work with a B CoP holder experienced in that discipline (minimum of 100 jumps and Coach 2 approval). (Note: with an additional three jumps coached by a Coach 2, A CoP holders may jump with another A CoP holder who also has the additional three coached jumps. Both must demonstrate safe separation and approaches, and have Coach 2 approval for each jump.)
  • Participate in intentional night and water jumps, once briefed and signed off by an SSE as per section 3.17 (PIM 1).
  • Verify by signature and CoP #, witnessed jumps by other certified skydivers

Note: Prior to participating in 2-way formation skydiving the individual must be in possession of the A CoP.


Freefall Proficiency

Performed in freefall, a back-loop, front-loop and barrel roll on the same jump.

Performed the 5 jumps required for completion of the 2-way FS endorsement

Sport Canopy Endorsement A

  • Completed the Sport Canopy “A” Endorsement
  • Completed 10 self-guided, stand-up, safe accuracy landings to within 30 m of target.
  • Under canopy, demonstrated a 360 front riser spiral (above 2000 ft)
  • Under canopy, demonstrated a 360 rear riser spiral (above 2000 ft)
  • Under canopy, demonstrated a rear riser flare (above 2000 ft)
  • Under canopy, demonstrate a canopy stall and recovery (above 2000 ft)
  • Technical Knowledge
  • Completed the Main Packing Endorsement
  • Completed the Emergency Procedures Review A
  • Completed 25 jumps and accumulated 10 min FF time
  • Achieved a pass mark of a least 80% on a written exam


The evaluations for this CoP are completed by the Signing Officer listed for the appropriate task. These requirements must be witnessed and signed in the logbook by the Coach/Instructor who has the proper rating. During processing of the application, the logbook entries are reviewed with special attention being paid to the specific practical qualifications for this certificate.

Practical Skills

All practical skills for this certificate must be achieved prior to writing the “A” CoP exam.


The endorsements required for this certificate are:

These endorsements will be tested by either written testing, verbal questioning and/or practical testing, or a combination of these.

All endorsements for this certificate must be obtained prior to writing the “A” CoP exam.

If your log book does not have an endorsement card, you can obtain one here.

Technical Knowledge

The technical knowledge evaluated for this CoP is done during the written examination. Please check the study guide for this CoP to help with exam preparation.